Adult Diapers for Truck Drivers Are Now Fashion-forward

Adult Diapers for Truck Drivers Are Now Fashion-forward

It’s a tragic and poorly-kept secret among truck drivers that the requirements of the job and the inflexible scheduling means that sometimes pulling off for a nature break just isn’t in the cards.

The usual method of keeping a Mason jar handy is still a solution, however unpleasant, but more and more drivers are confessing to having invested in adult diapers. And now that the cat’s out of the bag, the genius of corporate marketing has swooped into the game.

“We believe in turning an embarrassment into a proud fashion statement,” says Connie Sprinkle of Dior. “Mauve is the color this year and paisley is the print to die for. Naturally, concessions have to be made for truck drivers. So we offer plaid flannel and soft cotton in a John Deere print. Whenever they get wet they release a gentle chili dog scent.”

At this year’s Paris (Texas) Fashion Week, hunky truckers walked the runway in a stunning collection of 100% silk Depends, wowing the traditionally tough-to-please crowd.

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