Car Drivers Fear Guillotine Resemblance in NHTSA’s New Underride Guard Tests: Hilarious Misunderstanding Sparks Public Panic

Car Drivers Fear Guillotine Resemblance in NHTSAs New Underride Guard Tests Hilarious Misunderstanding Sparks Public Panic

In a bizarre turn of events, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) testing of new underride guards for truck trailers has unintentionally sparked panic among car drivers. The reason? An uncanny resemblance to a guillotine.

The NHTSA’s recent exploration into overhauling regulations on side underride guards has led to various prototypes being tested. However, one such design, featuring a sharp, angled edge, has drawn unexpected fear and laughter from the public due to its eerie similarity to the infamous French beheading device.

“I almost swerved off the road when I saw it,” exclaimed a petrified motorist, recalling her encounter with a truck fitted with the new guard. “I thought I’d time-traveled to the French Revolution!”

The panic escalated when pictures of the guillotine-like guard went viral on social media, leading to a flurry of memes, jokes, and even a trending hashtag, #GuillotineGuard.

Initially baffled by the public reaction, the NHTSA has since addressed the issue with good humor. “We’re committed to vehicle safety, not 18th-century execution methods,” chuckled a spokesperson. “But we appreciate the public’s creative engagement with road safety matters.”

As the NHTSA continues its underride guard testing, the incident serves as a hilarious reminder that sometimes, public opinion can be as unpredictable as the open road. In the meantime, drivers are advised to keep their heads while driving – figuratively!

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