CVSA’s ‘Moo Pass’ Policy Update: Ketamine Allowed if Cow Companions Co-Pilot!

Cow Companions Co-Pilot

Kansas City, MO—In a bizarre twist to this year’s International Roadcheck, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is rolling out a new version of its “Moo Pass” policy. Now, truckers can legally carry ketamine during inspections, but only if they can prove it’s for a cow-sitting shotgun!

As part of the 2024 International Roadcheck, the CVSA has introduced an unusual yet humorous condition for truckers using ketamine for animal care. Under the newly revised “Moo Pass” policy, truckers are allowed to carry ketamine if they provide veterinary proof that it’s for their cow companions — provided those cows are actually riding in the passenger seat of their rigs.

“This year, we wanted to add a bit of levity to our inspection process,” said Sally Gearshift, spokesperson for the CVSA. “If you’ve got a cow as your co-pilot, and you can show us the medical paperwork for ketamine, then we’ll give you a Moo Pass. Just make sure your bovine buddy is buckled up!”

While the scenario of a cow in the passenger seat may raise eyebrows or even sound implausible, the CVSA believes it’s a fun way to draw attention to truckers’ serious responsibility when transporting animals and controlled substances.

“We understand the logistics of a cow in the cab are… complex,” Gearshift chuckled. “But we think it’s a playful way to highlight the importance of proper documentation and safe transport.”

Truckers across the country have reacted with amusement and a bit of skepticism to the new policy. “I guess it’s time to upgrade my cab to fit Bessie,” joked Mike Trundle, a long-time trucker known for his sense of humor. “Does anyone know where I can get a cow-sized seatbelt?”

As absurd as it might sound, the CVSA’s move has definitely turned heads and started conversations, ensuring that this year’s Roadcheck will be one to remember — for both two-legged and four-legged travelers alike.

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