Hot Wheels! Truck Crash Unearths Ancient Traffic Cones on I-95

Hot Wheels! Truck Crash Unearths Ancient Traffic Cones on I-95

A fiery truck crash on I-95 in Philadelphia brought the highway to a months-long standstill but also unveiled a bizarre and hilarious piece of traffic history.

While surveying the aftermath of the truck crash, highway workers discovered an unexpected archaeological site. It seems the intense heat of the fire burnt away layers of asphalt to reveal a forgotten trove of ancient traffic cones buried under the highway since the 1950s.

These ‘retro cones,’ as the internet has affectionately named them, bear a striking resemblance to the modern versions, albeit with vintage flair. Some even have old-fashioned cautionary phrases like “Motorists, keep your cool!” and “Speed thrills but kills!”

The discovery has gone viral, with collectors and history buffs offering significant sums to acquire a piece of this quirky traffic heritage. Meanwhile, the highway officials are considering auctioning off some of the cones to aid in the road repair costs.

Ironically, the site of the accident has now become a popular tourist spot, with folks flocking to snap a selfie with the vintage traffic paraphernalia. It appears that one man’s traffic nightmare is another man’s archaeological treasure trove.

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