Low Price Per Mile? No Problem for Truckers with New “Moonlighting” Service

Low Price Per Mile No Problem for Truckers with New Moonlighting Service

Truckers feel the squeeze as low prices per mile continue to impact the industry. However, truckers have found a creative solution to supplement their income – moonlighting as delivery drivers. 

Trucking companies have begun offering a new “Moonlighting” service, which allows truckers to take on delivery jobs in their downtime. Truckers love the extra cash, and delivery companies are thrilled to have the extra manpower. 

One trucker said, “I never thought I’d be delivering packages in my big rig, but it’s a great way to make some extra cash during slow periods. Plus, I feel like a superhero delivering packages on the highways.”

It seems the low price-per-mile crisis may be a thing of the past for truckers with this new moonlighting opportunity.

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