Sleeping Hardcore: New Yorker Swaps Ocean Sounds for Trucker Honks in Custom Sleep Sound Machine

Sleeping Hardcore New Yorker Swaps Ocean Sounds for Trucker Honks in Custom Sleep Sound Machine

In a story redefining what it means to be a ‘city slicker,’ one New York City resident has left the trucking community in fits of laughter with his peculiar solution to insomnia. Unable to sleep without the city’s cacophonous symphony, the resident invented a custom sleeping noise machine that mimics the hustle-bustle of NYC – complete with the occasional trucker’s horn.

Johnny “Concrete” Thompson, a born and bred New Yorker, found himself struggling with sleep after moving to a quieter neighborhood. “I missed the constant honking, the shouts, and the trucks. It was too darn quiet,” he explained.

In a fit of innovation fueled by many sleepless nights, Thompson created what he now calls the “City Lullaby Machine.” This odd device replicates the noise of city traffic, punctuated by the robust honk of a trucker’s horn now and then.

News of Thompson’s bizarre sleep aid reached the trucking community, leaving many truckers in disbelief. “We spend our lives trying to avoid honking unnecessarily, and here’s a guy who can’t sleep without it!” laughed Betty “Big Horn” McCoy, a long-time trucker.

Thompson’s quirky tale is now making rounds on social media, bringing smiles and a fair share of head-scratching. Whether or not the City Lullaby Machine will hit the markets and bring city-noise comfort to other sleep-challenged urbanites remains to be seen. Meanwhile, Thompson enjoys sound sleep to the rhythm of his bustling city dreams.

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