Zero-emissions Truck Sports a Sail

Zero-emissions Truck Sports a Sail

In a first for zero emissions trucking but hardly so for the transportation industry, Retrograde Autos has come out with a 100% pollution-free semi that they guarantee will do nothing to add to the global climate change crisis. They have eliminated the heavy and polluting 500-horsepower Detroit Diesel engine and instead are powering the vehicle with a 900-square foot canvas sail.

“Designing the titanium mast so that it could collapse to handle underpasses was the tricky bit,” said head designer Melvin Squint. “That and the linkage to the steering wheel so the driver can maneuver as the wind shifts. Beyond that, I can’t think of a single another issue we haven’t accounted for.”

So far, sales have been anything but brisk, a word that also describes the headwinds that tend to delay on-time deliveries by more than a little.

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