“Little Old Lady From Pasadena” Now Drives an 18-wheeler


It’s a Super Stock Dodge, alright, but the Little Old Lady from Pasadena, made famous in the 1964 Jan & Dean classic song, now sits behind the wheel of a heavily-boosted semi-tractor and is still the terror of Colorado Boulevard.

Myrtle Genowski, now 97 and living in the Burnt Rubber Senior Center Truck Stop, told reporters that at her age, she needs “a ride with a bit more oomph!” Patting her 1959 beauty, she gushed, “600 ponies under the hood, baby! And 18-on-the-floor!”

The interview was cut short by the sound of police sirens and Myrtle giggling, “Oops! I guess Officer O’Malley doesn’t like eating dust before 9 a.m. Gotta run!”

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