Cargo Vans Now Equipped with Origami Instructions for DownTime


In an innovative move to blend ancient art with modern logistics, PaperWheels, a forward-thinking cargo company, has introduced origami paper and instructions to its fleet, aiming to turn downtime into a creative and stress-relieving exercise for its drivers.

Fold Master and CEO Toshiro Kami believe in the power of paper folding to instill calm and focus in their drivers. The new program has been met with enthusiasm, with drivers like Hank “The Crane” McGee taking pride in their papercraft prowess. “You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a convoy of trucks, each with a paper zoo on the dashboard,” Hank says with a grin. The Origami Artisans Guild has endorsed this initiative, stating that it’s a delightful way to bring the art form to new audiences.

PaperWheels’ initiative has shown that sometimes the best way to move forward is to fold. With the Origami Olympics on the horizon, truckers nationwide might be the new ambassadors of this delicate art form. It’s a trend taking the phrase’ paper route’ to a new level.

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