Trucks Now Powered by Wireless Energy from Secret Tesla Towers – Birds Not Happy!


In what might be the most significant transportation breakthrough since the invention of the wheel, a little-known company, ElectroTruck, claims to have tapped into the genius of Nikola Tesla, powering their trucks with nothing but the Earth’s electromagnetic fields through mysterious towers.

These towering structures, resembling Tesla’s designs, have been appearing in remote areas across the country. Truckers report an endless driving range, but the local avian population is less than thrilled. “This is electromagnetic madness!” exclaims Birdie Sanders, spokesperson for the Fowl Play Association. ElectroTruck’s CEO, Nikola Edison, has defended the technology, stating, “We’re just taking a leaf out of Tesla’s book—literally. The pigeons delivered it to our doorstep.”

The future of trucking is electric, and if ElectroTruck’s vision is to be believed, it’s also wireless. As debates continue and studies begin, one thing is clear: the trucking industry may be on the cusp of an energy revolution that could finally realize Tesla’s dream of wireless power transmission. And for now, the birds might need to scout out new resting spots.

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