“Catfish Truckers”: Highways Buzzing with 80% Fishy CDLs and Merman Instructors

Highways Buzzing with 80% Fishy CDLs and Merman Instructors

In a surprising revelation, recent studies have shown that 80% of new CDLs issued this year have fish scales on them. Yes, you read that right. The trucking industry, already navigating the challenging routes of counterfeit CDLs, is now wading through the whimsical waters of “Catfish Truckers.”

This isn’t just about shimmering licenses. Oh no, it gets better. Several truckers have also claimed merman instructors administered their driving tests. One even recalled, “He had this trident and everything! Kept pointing it at the road signs during the test.”

Such fish tales began circulating at truck stops. Truckers over cups of coffee would laugh about fellow drivers boasting that their CDLs were specially issued by Poseidon’s DMV or that their driving instructor was, in fact, Aquaman’s distant cousin.

An unnamed DMV spokesperson, sporting suspiciously flippers-like shoes, commented, “While we’re diving deep into the issue of counterfeit CDLs, these fishy tales are a new tide altogether. It’s hard to keep a straight face when someone claims their CDL has ‘Certified by Atlantis’ stamped on it.”

While the “Catfish Truckers” tales have given the trucking community a good laugh, it is a gentle reminder: Whether from the deep blue sea or just a deep desire to jest, always ensure your CDL is the real deal.

Stay updated for more on this blend of trucking myths, marine merriment, and genuine CDL concerns. Keep those wheels rolling and those fish tales trolling!

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