Police Pull Over a Driverless Truck for Dui

Police pull over a driverless truck for DUI

Police in Laverne, Michigan, got a shock last week when they stopped an 18-wheeler that had been running cars off the road. Nobody was behind the wheel.

An experimental autonomous electric test vehicle for the tech start-up Skynet Services, the truck had been weaving all over the highway, forcing cars it encountered to leave the road to avoid it. Naturally presuming the driver had had one too many, if not several, patrolman Barney Phaif pulled the big rig over. It was then that he got his big surprise: an empty cab.

Upon discovering that it had been recharged an hour before by a generator running on pure alcohol, Phaif arrested the truck for drunk driving. It’s sleeping off its bender in the Laverne impound lot.

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