Formula 1 Establishes a New Tractor-trailer Racing Division

Formula 1 establishes a new tractor-trailer racing division

America is familiar with truck drag racing and even the tractors racing on an oval, but the Europeans have gone the extra mile with Formula 1 truck-trailer races.

‘American sporting events are more and more popular here,’ said Formula 1 spokesperson Guido Scidoutpaldi, ‘so no sense leaving money on the table. European truckers are eager to get behind the wheel of a rig with 2 inches of ground clearance and race it on a twisty course at 185 mph.’

The proposed vehicle design mandates the tractor and trailer to be no taller than 3 feet, with bodies built of carbon fiber. They must have nose wings in front, a spoiler on the back for stability, and a 150-decibel air horn, which must be honked at the end of each lap. The trailer must be connected to the tractor by a surplus Navy aircraft carrier tailhook and have training wheels to prevent rollovers.

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