From Roundabouts to Road Trolls: Facility Association’s Enchanted Insurance Plan!

From Roundabouts to Road Trolls Facility Association’s Enchanted Insurance Plan!

Facility Association, the insurer with a flair for the unpredictable, is putting truckers in a spin with new surcharge plans. These aren’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill fees based on mundane details like accident rates or road conditions. No, these innovative surcharges will hinge on highly scientific factors such as how confusing a state’s road signs are or the local population’s affinity for country music.

Derek Tupling, VP of Mystical Trucking Affairs, was kind enough to break down the tiers: 1% for states with normal roads, 1.25% for states with confusing roundabouts, and 1.50% for the mysterious streets of Rhode Island, known to many as “the Bermuda Triangle of the East.”

(Photo: iStock – A truck caught in an eternal loop on a Rhode Island roundabout.)

“New York, South Carolina, New Jersey—these are tough roads,” Tupling explained, waving a magic wand over a crystal ball. “But Rhode Island’s roads? Ancient wizards designed them. One wrong turn, and you end up in Narnia.”

Canada-wide truckers, prepare your maps, compasses, and wizard staffs, for these surcharges apply to the provinces where Facility Association operates, including the magical land of Nunavut, where GPS systems are known to speak in riddles.

Truckers traversing the riskiest roads, such as those leading to a Bermuda Triangle portal, must consider these surcharges or face existential questions like, “Why does my GPS now only give directions in Shakespearean English?”

Facility Association’s daring new plan is more than a simple money-making scheme; it’s a groundbreaking attempt to understand the profound relationship between trucking, metaphysics, and breakfast burrito quality at roadside diners.

“Make sure you have your insurance, lucky rabbit’s foot, and a solid grasp of 17th-century navigation,” Tupling advises truckers venturing into the newly defined high-risk regions.

In closing, Facility Association invites all truckers to consult their ancient scrolls and local shamans to prepare for this new era of insurance surcharges. Safe travels, and may the road trolls ever be in your favor!

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