John M. Truck Driver From Chicago World’s Second Richest Man in 2022!

worlds richest truck driver

Trucking was so great this past year that John M., who decided to live in his truck and save every penny, became the second richest man in the world.

“It was hard, but I had a great company to support me and give me high-paying loads. I will continue to drive for them even though I don’t have to anymore.”

Company Excelle Trucking Inc for who was John M. working, says that John is one of a kind and gives him all the credit for this. They say that not everyone could have made it.

The results were delivered to us when John filled out his tax return for 2021. We still have a few more days until the final 2022 list, and more people like John might be out there from the trucking industry.

*All the posts on this website are pure imagination of writers and they never happened (or did not happen yet to our knowledge). They are here for fun purposes only and not to give piece of information or an advice. Keep your smile and stay healthy. Do not read while driving


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