Local Explosion Heard from a 10-Mile Radius Was Actually Just a 1962 Peterbilt 359 Trying to Shift into 4th Gear

Local Explosion Heard from a 10-Mile

The St. Peter’s Police Department in Louisiana received multiple 911 calls at 2 am last Thursday evening claiming there was an explosion that sounded like a dynamite blast downtown. “We typically receive a call or two per year,” said Officer James McCreary, “so we knew something horrible had happened.”

Upon investigation, however, Officer McCreary and his team weren’t able to find any evidence of an explosion. Just about to call off the search, they heard yet another explosion sound – upon closer investigation, they learned that it was caused by a stalled out 1962 Peterbilt 359, driven by Dana Edwards. “It’s a lovely cruiser, but the second I shift into 4th gear, the engine combusts,” she said. “My grandpa gave it to me… I can’t just toss it.”

According to Officer McCreary, Dana will be serving a night in jail for disrupting the peace of St. Peter’s Parish. A local trucking advocacy organization has set up a GoFundMe for Dana and her truck, seeking to “donate the truck to a museum before Dana literally burns it to the ground.” According to a recent interview, however, Dana has stated that she will not accept the money to honor her grandfather’s legacy.

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