New James Webb Telescope Spots an Open Lane on Atlanta’s 285/85 Junction for the First Time Ever

New James Webb telescope spots an open lane on Atlantas 28585 junction for the first time ever

Past and present victims of the notorious interchange known for the nation’s worst traffic jams received a tiny ray of hope today when the most powerful space telescope ever developed finally spotted an open lane there.

‘It was worth every bit of the 25 years and $10 billion put into the James Webb telescope to get this longed-for result,’ said NASA administrator Buzz D. Budgett. ‘Our astrophysicists had long theorized that this anomaly at the 285/85 might be detected, but to actually see it with our own eyes was breathtaking.’

Researchers will now turn the full might of Webb’s 270-square-foot mirror upon the Holy Grail of imaging: finding an actual profit in independent trucking.

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