Street Sweeper Trucks Clean Up Solar Energy Spill

Street Sweeper Trucks Clean Up Solar Energy Spill

America’s truck drivers answered the call last week. They saved a local community from disaster after the largest solar energy spill in recent memory, nearly inundated Pumptown, Texas.

The trouble started when lightning struck a 300,000-gallon tank of sunshine owned by the Popular Electro-Panel Company in the dead of night. So much sunlight gushed out that the whole town thought it was morning and went to work. Rivers of brightness flowed down Main Street to a depth of twelve feet. Only those lucky few with sunglasses handy escaped.

Victorio Gonzalez and his team of street sweepers saved the day by jumping into their Elgin Broom Bear trucks and boldly attacking the spill before more damage could be done. They scooped it all up to the cheers of relieved citizens and then went off for a well-deserved light breakfast.

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