Superman’s Dog Starts “Krypto” Currency With Retired Trucker

Supermans Dog Starts Krypto Currency With Retired Trucker

Georgia truck driver Merle Penniless had just about reached the end of his rope: no job, no wife, no money, abandoned by his kids, and friends not returning his calls. In despair, he climbed to the top of the New York Stock Exchange Building on Wall Street and flung himself off in a bid to end it all. But instead, he’s now riding high…literally.

On the way down Merle was snagged by the world’s most famous dog, Superman’s pet, and partner Krypto. It seems that with the market sliding as it has been, the super-pooch practically lives in the world’s most important financial district. Merle had an epiphany as he was being gently set down on the sidewalk and made the caped canine a business proposition. And that’s how “Krypto currency” was born.

Virtual cash has been metaphorically flying off the shelves like its namesake. With the presumed backing of Krypto’s master, investors have decided that it’s the safest bet on the market. Once the bug of all its servers crashing when exposed to Kryptonite is resolved, the sky’s the limit.

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