Horribly-injured Driver Rebuilt With Parts From His Truck

Horribly-injured Driver Rebuilt With Parts From His Truck

It could have been a horrible tragedy. When Texas trucker Sy Borg swerved to avoid a pair of armadillos locked in the throes of passion, his Peterbilt tractor and box trailer crashed through a guardrail and plummeted 87 feet to what looked like certain doom.

Luckily for Sy, modern medicine has advanced to the point that putting Humpty-Dumpty back together again is now child’s play, especially if the replacement parts are right there for the taking.

Mr. Borg is already back at work, thanks to the quick transplantation of parts from his still-smoking wreck: fuel pump for the heart, water pump for the stomach, and radiator grille for his shattered smile, as well as several others.

“I’m grateful to my medical team,”  he says, “but the 6-foot rubber hose took some getting used to. I have to stand a long way from the urinal now.”

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