Top Trucking Influencer on Social Media Reveals That She Makes Over $300 a Month

Top Trucking Influencer on Social Media

Long-haul driver Tammy Schemer of Oxnard, California, was today named the top social media trucking influencer in America, with over 75 followers and a monthly haul approaching $300. Other influencers heroically tried to control their envy.

‘I owe it all to my fans,’ Tammy graciously said as she put the finishing touches on her latest post, where she puts on eyeliner at 75 mph while merging into 8 lanes of Los Angeles traffic. ‘They’ve supported me since I was a local delivery driver for a golf ball polishing machine company.’

Asked what was next for her empire, she replied, ‘I’m not sure. It’s going to be really hard to top these numbers, you know?’

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