Truck Carrying Condoms Spills Load Prematurely

Truck Carrying Condoms Spills Load Prematurely

“I promise this never happens. I just got too excited,” said the new driver, who spilled his load before the truck could finish arriving at its final destination.

When the condoms spilled all over Interstate 80, the rubbers really hit the road. The spilled condoms caused quite the pile-up. Cars were on top of each other, twisted in all sorts of positions. According to eyewitnesses, there was screaming, but it was all over quickly.

Fearing that he would never get the chance to truck again, the new driver began assuring his boss he could get the truck to complete its journey. He pleaded for another chance saying, “I’ll finish the job with my hands if I have to.” However, he had trouble getting the condoms back onto the truck immediately after the spill.

Inexperienced drivers like this might be pushing trucking companies to switch to self-driving trucks that can get themselves there on their own. A local parent and owner of a hauling company, a mother/trucker, asserted, “Just put in a couple batteries, and it’ll finish the job itself. It’ll be much easier to get to completion, like waving a magic wand.”

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