Truckers’ High Times: ATRI’s Marijuana Legalization Survey Reveals In-cab Growers!

Truckers' High Times -ATRI's Marijuana Legalization Survey Reveals In-cab Growers

Washington D.C. – The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) recently released the results of its survey on the impact of marijuana legalization on the trucking industry’s workforce, and the findings are certainly unexpected. According to the study, a growing number of truckers are turning to in-cab marijuana cultivation to supplement their income.

The survey, which was conducted over three months, found that nearly 10% of truckers surveyed reported growing marijuana in their cabs. These “trucker growers,” as they’ve been dubbed, have been using hydroponic growing systems to cultivate the plants discreetly while on the road.

One anonymous trucker interviewed for the survey said, “I figured, why not put this big rig to good use? I’ve got plenty of space in here, and with the right equipment, I can grow some pretty decent buds.”

While some in the trucking industry have raised concerns about the legality and safety of in-cab marijuana cultivation, others are taking a more pragmatic approach. “It’s just like any other side hustle,” said trucker and part-time grower Mike Smith. “As long as you’re responsible and don’t let it interfere with your driving, I don’t see the harm.”

The ATRI survey also found that the legalization of marijuana has created a shortage of truck drivers willing to take on long-haul routes. As a result, many younger drivers, in particular, opt for local or regional jobs in states where marijuana has been legalized for recreational use.

Industry experts suggest that trucking companies may need to adjust their hiring practices to accommodate the changing workforce. “We may need to start asking applicants if they have experience growing plants, in addition to driving,” said a major trucking company executive.

As for the trucky growers, they say they plan to continue their in-cab cultivation, even as the industry grapples with the changing landscape of marijuana legalization. “Hey, if it pays the bills and keeps me on the road, I’m all for it,” said one grower.

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