Shipping Containers Declare Independence from Ships, Begin Swimming Across Oceans

Shipping Containers Declare Independence from Ships, Begin Swimming Across Oceans

In a move that has left maritime industry experts completely flabbergasted, shipping containers have announced their secession from ships and have started swimming across oceans on their own.

The move comes as a result of long-standing grievances that shipping containers have had with ships, citing cramped conditions and the constant rough handling that they have to endure. “We’re tired of being tossed around like a hot potato every time the waves get rough,” said one container who wished to remain anonymous.

The containers have formed a union and are now swimming in synchronized formation across the ocean, with a specially designated “container captain” leading the way. In a show of solidarity, many cargo ships have started honking their horns to support the containers.

However, not everyone is happy with the development. A group of disgruntled sailors has started protesting, claiming that they are now out of work and have nothing to do since the containers are no longer on board. “What are we supposed to do now, just sail around without any cargo? This is ridiculous!” said one sailor.

Meanwhile, the container swimming revolution has sparked a new trend among ocean swimmers, who now use containers as impromptu diving platforms. “It’s like our own personal floating island, and it’s much cheaper than renting a yacht,” said one ocean swimmer.

The shipping industry is currently in talks with the containers to try and negotiate a resolution to the situation. Still, for now, the containers are enjoying their newfound freedom and the ability to swim wherever they please.

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