Trucking Company Offers Drivers “Emotional Support Cows” to Combat Stress

Trucking Company Offers Drivers Emotional Support Cows to Combat Stress

In an effort to improve mental health among its drivers, a trucking company in Texas has started offering “emotional support cows” to any driver who feels stressed or anxious on the road.

The program, which began as a joke among employees, quickly gained popularity and is now being taken seriously by management. The company has purchased a small herd of cows and trained them to ride in the cabs of trucks.

According to the company’s owner, cows have a calming effect on drivers and help reduce stress and anxiety. “We’ve seen a huge improvement in driver morale and performance since we started this program,” he said.

While some drivers have expressed skepticism about the program, others are entirely on board. “I never knew I needed an emotional support cow until I got one,” said one driver. “Now, I can’t imagine driving without one.”

The company plans to expand the program to all its drivers in the coming months and is considering adding other animals to the fleet, such as emotional support pigs and goats.

In response to the news, animal rights activists have expressed concern over the welfare of the cows, but the company insists that they are well cared for and enjoy the ride.

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