Whimsical Autumn Leaves Embark on Cross-Country Tour via Big Rigs

cross country tour

In a heartwarming twist this fall season, thousands of autumn leaves, in their breathtaking orange, red, and gold hues, have reportedly embarked on a nationwide tour aboard big rigs. Truckers from coast to coast are discovering these poetic stowaways en route to their destinations.

“I was cruising through Vermont when I noticed a cascade of leaves swirling behind me,” chuckled Mike “Mack” McLane, a seasoned trucker. “Every time I stopped, they’d huddle together in the trailer. It’s like they’re hitching a ride, seeing the country.”

Environmentalists and botanists are mystified, calling it the “Great Leafy Road Trip of 2023.” Dr. Autumn Maplewood, a leading botanist, theorized, “Perhaps these leaves want to break away from their roots, metaphorically speaking, and see where the wind – or in this case, a truck – takes them.”

Several truck stops have transformed into impromptu “Leaf Lounges” where truckers share stories of their leafy passengers. “Had a group of crimson maple leaves from New Hampshire,” shared Jenny “Jazz” Fitzgerald, a driver from Oregon. “They clung to my side mirror, and I swear, they rustled every time I played jazz music!”

To capitalize on the phenomenon, a savvy entrepreneur started “Leaf Lyft,” a service offering special trailers designed for leaf transport. The trailers are fitted with transparent tops, enabling the leaves to bask in the sun during their travels.

“I think it’s symbolic,” mused poet Lorianne Oakenscribe. “In a time when the world is so divided, nature teaches us the beauty of unity and exploration. Leaves from different trees, hitching rides with truckers from different states, it’s all about the journey.”

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