Woman kicked Out of Met Gala for Provocative ‘Use Your Turn Signal’ Dress

Woman kicked Out of Met Gala for Provocative 'Use Your Turn Signal' Dress

Yesterday, on a warm Monday evening, celebrities packed The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City donning beautiful dresses – some more obscure than others.

One notable attendee was Carrie Donovan, a trucker of 23 years and a recent recipient of her company’s “Most Likely to Have Road Rage” superlative. She wore a beautiful black and blue dress with a long cape; in white ink, on the back of the cape, wrote ‘Use Your Turn Signal’.

Carrie didn’t think that the dress would cause controversy. “It’s the law, after all.. but I guess that doesn’t mean much nowadays,” she said. By the second hour of the red carpet, she was asked by security to vacate the premises. While Carrie didn’t know who wanted her to leave, she did notice that multiple BMW executives were pointing at her menacingly throughout the gala. When reached out for a comment on the situation, BMW responded that they were disappointed in the actions of Carrie Donovan as her statement “did not align with the views of the company”.

Truckers everywhere rejoiced her actions, and she was even contacted by the CEO and President of J.B. Hunt, John N. Roberts III, who committed to sponsoring her at the 2023 Met Gala. “Maybe I could even complain about gas prices next time,” Carrie said. “Or traffic, I don’t care. It was fun being the center of attention for a little while.”


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