Years After “The Hangover,” Movie Truckers Install Furry Walls Inside Cabs for Calmness

Years After “The Hangover,” Movie Truckers Install Furry Walls Inside Cabs for Calmness

“The Hangover” left an indelible mark on popular culture with its memorable lines and hilarious moments. Yet, an unexpected group found inspiration from one of its iconic scenes: truckers. Drawing from the famous line, “Stay with me. Be calm. Be calm. Just stroke the furry wall,” truck drivers across the nation are lining the insides of their cabs with furry walls as a unique method to combat stress and road rage.

Jerry “Keep Calm” Thompson, a trucker from Tulsa, is among those who have revamped their cab interiors. “Whenever I’m feeling the pressure of the road or traffic gets too intense, I lean over, stroke my furry wall, and remind myself to remain calm. It sounds odd, but it genuinely helps,” he shared, illustrating his point by caressing the plush interior.

When the first truckers began showcasing their furry walls, many were bemused. However, as anecdotes about their calming benefits spread, more drivers became converts. Some even argue that the calming effects of these furry walls are on par with certain antidepressants.

Dr. Maria Mitchell, a psychologist specializing in driver well-being, provided her perspective on the trend. “Tactile experiences can be grounding. In moments of high stress, having a tangible, comforting texture to focus on, such as a furry wall, can be an effective way to divert and calm the mind.”

The popularity of furry walls has also given rise to a new industry catering to drivers. Businesses now offer a range of fur types and colors, allowing truckers to customize their cabs to their liking.

Innovations have continued in color and fur type. Some truckers have expanded the concept, adding furry ceilings or integrating ambient lights for a complete sensory experience.

Whether viewed as a whimsical trend or a genuine tool for relaxation, there’s no denying the impact furry walls have made on the trucking industry. As drivers traverse the highways, they have a tactile, furry companion reminding them to stay calm and enjoy the journey.

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