18-wheeler Ubers Are All the Rage Now

18-wheeler Ubers Are All the Rage Now

The growing gig economy added a new wrinkle this week when an industry report announced that a hot trend in ride-sharing seems to be the use of heavy commercial trucks to carry passengers. Calling it not yet a real trend but more of a “semi-trend,” the report stated that though 18-wheelers rides aren’t a large share of the market yet, interest is growing.

“I always insist on a semi-ride when I go to the East Village,” said a turtleneck-clad Brad Hippster. “It’s so ironic.” Melanie Drabb, an office assistant at an investment bank, likes the safety aspect. “It’s so massive, you feel that nothing in New York traffic can harm you. Plus, I really like the smell of Red Bull and Doritos.”

A concurrent shift seems to be the college crowd dumping the traditional party bus for livestock trailers.

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