Confusion Erupts After Trucker Tells Family He Just Re-Tired

Truck Re-tired

After gleefully announcing that he had just re-tired at family dinner, Paul Ervin didn’t expect his family to be so excited for him. “What are you going to do with all of that free time?!” his mother-in-law asked.

Paul wasn’t sure what she meant – while his new set of Michelin X Line Energy D – Drive Tire would help him grip the road in unpleasant conditions, they certainly weren’t “faster” tires.

Paul tried to change the subject and mentioned that he’d be trucking to Maine in six months to work for his new employer, Variant. “Huh?” his father asked. “I thought you were retiring?” Paul was confused again. “Well, yes – I couldn’t have made the trip if I didn’t re-tire.”

When he declined an offer to babysit his nephew’s dog because he’d “be working that week,” Paul was called a “liar.” “You literally just said you were retired,” Paul’s nephew raged.

The dinner table devolved into a warzone, and Paul vowed to keep his thoughts to himself in the future.

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