Tiny House TikTok Trucks: A New Trend for Gen Z Truckers

TikTok Tiny House trucks viral

Millennials have swept the YouTube world with bus renovations, “Tiny Houses,” and #vanlife, but the generation of TikTok is taking a different approach to alternative living.

“My house is also my source of income,” gloats TikTok star and rookie trucker Trevor Paulson, age 20.

“T-Paul,” as he is known on social media, started a new trend in a TikTok video that was filmed inside his truck. The video shows him performing original dance choreography while also displaying his renovated sleeper cab, and holds the world record for the highest number of views at 2.3 billion. It was the beginning of the now wildly popular dance craze “Tiny House Trucker Dance.”

“I hope it encourages more people to join the industry and helps them see that a sleeper really can feel like home,” remarks Trevor as he relaxes onto the cozy bed of his well-lit, immaculately decorated house on wheels.

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