Literal Horse-Powered Hauling As a Solution To Staggering Diesel Costs

Horse Power

In response to skyrocketing fuel prices, trucking companies are turning their eyes to alternative options.

“Our Horse Power Adapter line is something that has actually been in the works for years,” boasts Waldorf Motors CEO Kyle Lane, “but the timing of it’s rollout couldn’t be more needed.”

Lane’s company is the leading heavy commercial truck manufacturer in the United States, but they’ve never pushed the envelope this far. Seeing a horse-team driven hopper trailer traveling down the road is sure to garner attention.

“Horses are and always have been working animals.” Lane uses his hands to accentuate his words in his executive office as he leans back in an ornate leather chair with a hopeful smile on his face. “To move into the future, we must look to the past.”

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