Livestock Trucks in Vogue as Luxury RV’s

Livestock Trucks in Vogue as Luxury RVs

“The rich are different from you and me,” said Ernest Hemingway. “They have more money.” They have more eccentricities, too, judging by the latest fad amongst those with more cash than sense. Mega-yachts are so yesterday, lifestyle gurus say. The latest transportation toy of the wealth is livestock semi-trailers converted into lavish recreational vehicles.

“It started as a drunken bet between the Kardashian sisters,” explained gossip columnist Antoine Jennderflewid. “One of them mentioned a cattle-call audition, and the next thing you know, Kim had dropped $18 million, transforming a Cargo Mate Brush Buster into a rolling hotel suite.

Then Courtney just had to one-up her by making one with a pool. By the time Kylie and Khloé jumped in, all their friends and half of Instagram and TikTok had gotten into the act. Now you can’t buy even a used bull trailer for less than the price of a Malibu townhouse.”

There are signs that the fad may be ending soon. Brad Pitt and George Clooney now have tricked-out cement mixers.

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