Wakanda Truckers Break New Ground by Not Touching It at All

Wakanda Truckers Break New Ground by Not Touching It at All

The most scientifically advanced nation on earth will naturally have the most scientifically advanced commercial trucks. Ever since the reclusive African kingdom of Wakanda revealed itself to the world, we have continued to be amazed at the seemingly-impossible technology at its command. Everyday shipping has proven to be no exception.

Wakanda’s Forever Trucking Company boasts a fleet of sleek, vibranium-hulled flying transport vehicles that have erased the possibility of highway traffic jams, collisions, and road rage. They can aerially bypass obstructions, have a force field to block other vehicles hitting them, and angry armed motorists will find themselves at a distinct advantage against plasma pulse cannons.

All of Wakanda’s vaunted scientific prowess, however, has not conquered the obstacle of the 2-hour wait at a backed-up warehouse.

*All the posts on this website are pure imagination of writers, and they never happened. They are here for fun purposes only and not to give you advice. Keep your smile and stay healthy. Do not read while driving! Listen to our podcast instead 🙂


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