New Study Reveals 97.3% of Truckers Now Have Podcasts

New Study Reveals 97.3% of Truckers Now Have Podcasts

In a shocking twist that no one saw coming, a recent study has unveiled that 97.3% of all truckers are now hosting their own podcasts. The study, conducted by the incredibly reputable “TruckTalks Institute,” has shown that truckers have traded their CB radios for microphones and pop filters. “It’s like the gold rush,” says researcher Dr. Onya Radio. “But, instead of gold, it’s unsolicited advice, and ghost stories.”

The rise in trucker podcasting has seen an unexpected boom in a new kind of stop: the “Pod Stop.” These facilities, larger than your average truck stop and infused with a hint of millennial hipster vibes, provide quiet booths, high-speed internet, and even baristas to ensure that truckers get the best ambience for their next episode. A recent review by trucker-podcaster Bob “Big Rig” Rigatoni raves: “The acoustic paneling in Pod Stop booth #3 is on point. Also, their oat milk lattes? To die for!”

Subjects of these trucker podcasts range from the history of the rubber duck, reviews on different types of truck stop jerky, to more intense philosophical debates like “If a truck honks in the forest and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

However, not everyone is thrilled about this new trend. Jane Hornblower, who unfortunately lives next to the world’s busiest Pod Stop, laments, “Every night, I hear discussions about the best trucking routes or alien encounters on the road. How many UFO stories can one person have?”

The trucking podcasting community responded en masse to these sentiments. Tammy “18-Wheeler Wisdom” McKnocker said, “We’re giving the people what they didn’t know they needed. Plus, there’s nothing like discussing the existential dread of the open road while sipping on a caramel macchiato.”

As the world adapts to the increasing fusion of trucking and podcasting, a new question arises: will the next big podcast superstar emerge from behind the wheel of a big rig? Only time, and perhaps another questionable study, will tell.

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