Taylor Swift Sweetens Eras Tour Truck Drivers’ Bonuses with Adopted Kittens

Taylor Swift Sweetens Eras Tour Truck Drivers’ Bonuses with Adopted Kittens

Taylor Swift’s generous $100,000 bonuses to her Eras Tour truck drivers became even sweeter as the pop icon gave each driver a kitten and the cash.

Two companies, Upstaging Inc. and Shomotion LLC, have been transporting Swift’s equipment for the tour, and as a thank-you, Swift gave every driver a substantial bonus and a handwritten letter.

The drivers weren’t expecting an additional surprise: an adorable kitten to call their own.

“It was already a life-changing sum of money,” said Mike Scherkenbach, the CEO of Shomotion, “but adding a life-enriching feline friend? That’s classic Taylor!”

The drivers were called into a production meeting where they were met by Swift’s father, Scott Swift. After thanking the drivers for their service, each one was handed an envelope containing a heartfelt letter and check and adoption papers for a kitten.

“Some drivers glanced at the letter quickly and overlooked the cat adoption papers. One driver read it as $1,000, another as $10,000. And then another driver said, ‘Oh, this has to be a joke. A kitten and $100,000?’ which then made the others reopen their envelopes,” Scherkenbach said with a chuckle.

Swift’s love for cats is well-known, and this gift reflects her personal touch. Each kitten was hand-selected from local shelters, and Swift named everyone after her hit songs.

“It’s not just a financial game-changer, but now these drivers have a little ‘Love Story’ of their own to take on the road,” Scherkenbach added, referring to one of Swift’s popular songs.

The drivers are reportedly thrilled with their unexpected feline friends, and some have even begun sharing photos on social media of their new companions sitting proudly in their cabs.

“We never expected our staff to receive any gifts of this [magnitude], not to mention a kitten,” Scherkenbach said. “It’s a record-breaking tour, and these kittens are already breaking the internet!”

Swift’s representatives and drivers have confirmed that the bonuses and the kittens have been warmly received.

In related news, the Eras Tour continues to make headlines for its spectacular performances, with fans now eagerly watching for glimpses of the newly famous tour truck kittens. It’s a purr-fectly happy ending for all involved!

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