Thieves Hijacking Semi-Truck Full of Gucci Purses Realize They’re Off-Brand Look-A-Likes

Thieves Hijacking Semi-Truck Full of Gucci Purses Realize They're Off-Brand Look-A-Likes

During a trip through Nevada, Henry Rosin made a stop at a travel center to grab some food and use the restroom. When he returned, his truck was nowhere to be found. Immediately calling 911, Henry was fearful that he knew exactly what had happened. “I told a few folks down in Vegas that I was transferring some Gucci products in my truck,” he told police. “I was trying to sound cool, so I didn’t tell them they were knock-offs called ‘Hucci’ – worth about $5 per purse.”

When police tracked down the criminals in Henry’s car, they were surprised to find them on the same exact route that he was originally headed. After being placed in handcuffs, they explained that they quickly determined that the products weren’t genuine – and felt bad for Henry. “We originally thought he was a cool guy… too cool,” one thief said. “But once we learned they were fake, we figured he didn’t have anything to be proud of.” The group of thieves decided to finish the trip and were hailed as heroes by police, who are now investigating the copyright infringement by the “Hucci” brand.

According to a press release by Jenworth Trucks, a knock-off brand of Kenworth Trucks, the thieves will be offered a job opportunity with the organization. Should they accept, the company stated, they could take the place of Henry Rosin, who “wasn’t very responsible with his ‘Hucci’ shipment.”

Henry wasn’t too concerned, stating that the company itself didn’t feel real. “The company’s customer service line is always busy, and half my checks bounce at the bank,” he said. The Better Business Bureau rates the company at a D-, and states that anyone contacted by them should notify local police; the CEO of the organization, Willy McBarland, is wanted for fraud.

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