The Rolling Stones of the Highway

The Rolling Stones of the Highway' – Truckers Adore Driver Who Honks Horn to the Tune of Classic Hits

Rebranded “The Trucking Stones,” “Led Truckin,” and “Foo Truckers” by its fans, no one knows the true identity of the trucker who’s serenaded highways across the nation. From dawn until dusk, the artist toots their horn to the rhythm of famous songs –Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Stairway to Heaven, Billie Jean, and other timeless classics.

Quickly developing a cult following, many fans have had difficulty finding the exact time and place of the “shows” throughout the nation. Collaboration through social media has been necessary to coordinate the following party that somewhat resembles a concert. Ticketmaster has immediately jumped on the opportunity, offering tickets with no guaranteed resale value for $1,000 each – time and location to be determined at a future date.

The ongoing love for the artist has led many drivers, both in trucks and cars, to slow down and enjoy the music. The traffic ramifications of such a powerful performer only existing on the highways have been significant, especially when paired with the additional cult following fans who would normally not be on the road. City mayors along major highways have pleaded to make a deal with the artist to host their music at a local auditorium or concert hall, but the unknown artist hasn’t stopped what’s made them famous. “We can’t complain that much,” said Dina Longmouth, Mayor of Westernville, Kansas. “The music really is pleasant, and I suppose they’re not breaking the law.”

Local Police Departments were initially concerned that the honking would cause confusion and increase traffic accidents, but it’s done the exact opposite; people slowing down to hear the music are less likely to drive aggressively and dangerously.

*All the posts on this website are pure imagination of writers, and they never happened. They are here for fun purposes only and not to give you advice. Keep your smile and stay healthy. Do not read while driving! Listen to our podcast instead 🙂


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