Trucker Says “Signs Weren’t Enough!”

Low Clearance

Trucker Who Ignored “Caution: Low Overhead” Signs Crashes Into Historic Bridge, Claims That Nobody Warned Her.

Driving through rural Pennsylvania, Freda Keller didn’t think much of the bright orange warning signs that she passed. Protecting a bridge once crossed by Samuel Adams, the signs caution any trucks over 12″ tall to turn around as soon as possible. “You expect me to pay attention when driving through farmland?!” Freda asked. “If there had been 16 signs instead of 15, maybe I would’ve noticed.”

The American Historical Association has filed a lawsuit against Keller, which doesn’t scare her. “It wasn’t my fault. They should’ve called or radioed me; it really isn’t that hard. Anyways, I’ve done more for society than Sam Adams, and his beer tastes horrible.”

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has considered hiring a full-time worker to stop trucks on their way to the bridge. However, no candidates have applied, citing a fear that the truckers will simply run them over if they can’t read 15+ signs in the first place.

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