“Cut Off Cushions” Merge Protection Devices Now Available

CutOff Cushion

When the sharks of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank chewed her up and spit her out, Lilly VanTotter didn’t let a little discouragement stand in her way. She knew from experience that she had a knockout idea. 

“I grew up with a trucker for a dad and spent a lot of time on the road with him, so I have seen firsthand how scary it can be when a car cuts in front of you without leaving much room to brake if needed,” VanTotter explains.

Cutoff Cushions are designed with unique, shock-absorbing technology that prevents damage to the truck or passenger vehicle in the event that a hasty merge leaves a small car too close to a big truck. The driver can deploy the protective device with a simple button press. The cushion is folded neatly onto the front end when not in use. 

“What otherwise could be a fatal accident can be more like a gentle hug with a Cut Off Cushion. A real ‘love tap,’ if you will,” laughs VanTotter. 

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