Truckers Get Creative with Insurance: Declaring Their Pets as Co-drivers

Truckers Get Creative with Insurance Declaring Their Pets as Co-drivers

Being a trucker can be a lonely job, which is why many truckers have turned to furry companions to keep them company on long hauls. But did you know that some truckers have taken their love for their pets to a whole new level by declaring them as co-drivers on their insurance policies?

According to owner-operator and pet lover Trucker Ted, “My dog is with me every mile of the way, and he’s just as much a part of the team as I am. So why not add him to the insurance policy?”

Trucker Ted and his fellow pet-loving truckers have found a way to cut down on insurance costs by declaring their pets as co-drivers. And it’s not just dogs – some truckers have even proclaimed their cats, birds, and even reptiles as co-drivers on their policies.

The trend is catching on, with reports of insurance companies starting to offer pet co-driver policies to cater to the growing number of truckers with furry friends. However, only some people are convinced that it’s a good idea.

“This is a ridiculous and dangerous practice,” said safety expert Sam Stopper. “Pets are not qualified to drive a truck, and they can be a distraction to the driver.”

Despite the safety concerns, Trucker Ted and his crew are standing their ground and declaring their pets as co-drivers on their insurance policies. After all, who wouldn’t want their furry friend by their side at all times?

So next time you’re renewing your insurance policy, just remember – there might be a trucker out there declaring their pet as a co-driver and saving some serious money.

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