Truckload of Paints for Hindu Celebration Overturns; Tulsa Now Rainbow-colored

Truckload of Paints for Hindu Celebration

The Oklahoma Hindu community looks forward to the joyous festival of Holi every year, where participants throw paints and dyes at one another in an expression of joy and love. But yesterday morning, the citizens of Tulsa awakened to maybe a bit more joy and love than they were used to after a truckload of pigment overturned and transformed the entire city into a giant rainbow.

The city’s mayor, Myron Dubious, was philosophical about the incident. “Well, it could be worse. Boston’s molasses tsunami in 1919 wiped out a good hunk of downtown. I think we can handle looking like a Rainbow Brite cartoon for a few days.”

Airline pilots celebrated the change in Tulsa’s hues, saying it made the city easier to spot from the air. “Let’s face it,” said a pilot who requested anonymity. “Tulsa’s not Ground Zero for excitement from up here.”

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