Tupperware to Build Semis

Tupperware to Build Semis

Having created everything from simple containers for grandma’s leftovers to popsicle molds for the kids, the venerable Tupperware corporation announced today that it was making the leap into the trucking industry. Its first venture into heavy commercial hauling will be trailers with removable lids.

Chief operating officer Eileen Leftabitt said, “The traditional box trailer has served us well for decades, but it needs a makeover. Our new design will allow the user to pull off the entire top with a simple tug at the corner. And to ensure cargo freshness, it will come with our patented ‘Burp Button’ in the center.”

On the drawing board are earth movers with upscaled cheese graters, stackable trailers, and canister-set trailers that fit inside one another.

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