Black Adam Trucking Spin-off: Mack Adam

Mack Adam

Dwayne Johnson’s long-awaited epic superhero film Black Adam has steamrolled the competition for weeks with no sign of slowing down. With a take of $300 million and counting, it’s a juggernaut of entertainment as fearsome as its star. Seeing that, the producers have just greenlit the inevitable sequel, where the Rock designs a combat vehicle that suits him perfectly.

In Mack Adam, the anti-hero uses the titular truck to run down his enemies and rescue the distressed damsel. Covered in reactive armor, the Mack is impervious to anything except a DOT citation. It has more gizmos than the Batmobile and is cooler than the Green Hornet’s black Cadillac.

Johnson would not confirm or deny the rumor that he will recycle the truck into Fast and Furious 12³, butthe franchise has doubled its liability insurance.

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