CB Radios: The New Dating App for Truckers

CB Radios - The New Dating App for Truckers

Move over Tinder, there is a new dating app in town – CB radios! That’s right, truckers across the nation are ditching the traditional dating scene and turning to their trusty CB radios to find love on the road.

According to one trucker, “I used to waste my time swiping through endless profiles on dating apps, but now I just turn on my CB radio and listen for that special someone. It’s more efficient, and I hear their voice immediately.”

In fact, some truckers have even started using code words to signal their interest in potential partners. “If I hear someone say ‘10-4, good buddy’, I know they’re single and ready to mingle,” said one trucker.

The trend has become so popular that CB radio manufacturers now add special features to their radios specifically for dating purposes. Some of these features include a heart button to indicate interest and a swipe function to move on to the next potential match quickly.

So, if you’re a trucker looking for love, ditch the dating apps and turn to your CB radio – who knows, you may just find your soulmate on channel 19.

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