Chicago Cubs Fan and Hot Dog Delivery Driver Creates Blue Beer

Chicago Cubs fan and hot dog delivery driver creates blue beer

When lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, and delivery driver for Wrigley Field hot dogs, Billy Joe Wieper saw his long-suffering team finally win the World Series in 2016, after 108 years, he thought his life’s goal had been achieved. But the gods of creativity had other ideas.

‘Now that they’re in last place again,’ Wiper said, ‘I needed something that might boost everybody’s spirits a little at the ballpark. While I was cleaning algae out of my fish tank, it came to me: brewskis colored Cubbie blue.’

Distilling blue-green spirulina algae into natural food coloring, he added it to a batch of his home-brewed beer, and presto!

‘The only trouble is,’ said the proud inventor, ‘to keep it blue, you have to add your tears to it constantly. Not a problem, lately, sad to say.’

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