Dinosaurs in New Mexico Eat More Than 100 Pounds of Fish – Claims the Trucker With Missing Load

Dinosaurs in New Mexico Eat more than 100 pounds of Fish

Geronimo McCluskey, notorious Mack Trucker from Arizona, claims dinosaurs roam the New Mexico Highway. They do not pay attention to any kind of road rules.

The 54-year-old roadster has been on the roads from Florida to Oregon and from California to New York since he was eighteen when he drove with his father, who was also a trucker.

“I am a Christian man, and I do not lie. I am also not into drugs or watching porn on the internet,” McCluskey quoted.

McCluskey had to deliver 25 tons of fish from San Francisco to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in early March. Around two in the morning, just outside of Albuquerque, McCluskey saw what he thought was an airplane overhead. But as the object approached, he realized it was a giant flying reptile.

“I had to go in the back of the truck and throw buckets of fish at him so he would leave. I guess big birds are all the same, be they pigeons, seagulls, or pterodactyls.” McClusky explained. The company that hired McClusky to deliver the fish claims McCluskey is lying and that he stole over a hundred pounds of tuna.

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