Kids Switching From Lemonade Stands to Gasoline Stands

Kids switching from lemonade stands to gasoline stands

In an all-American sign of the growing entrepreneurial spirit in today’s youth, kids are no longer selling lemonade on neighborhood street corners. Bowing to the market’s demands, they sell gasoline and diesel fuel out of their cute little booths. And it’ll cost you a lot more than 5 cents.

Mitzi Biggbux, age 8, of Richfield, Connecticut, talked to our reporter as she filled solo cups with 93 octanes. “Mommy and daddy are always complaining about gas prices and how sometimes the stations don’t have any gas at all. So I figured people would pay a lot to get it from a cute little bunny like me. That’s what daddy calls me, his cute little bunny.”

Getting your tank filled will still be at current market rates: $873 a cup. But Mitzi will let you cry on her teddy bear’s shoulder for free.

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